The exclusive processor of the Golden Macadamias Brand.

Delivering quality macadamia nuts is at the root of what Lowveld Nut Processing (LNP) stand for.  We set the benchmark on consistent quality macadamia nuts.  A group of highly trained specialists manages every step of the process to give our customers an unrivalled assurance on quality and food safety.  Our factory is equipped with modern technology and trend setting methods and our constant strive to improve is what sets LNP apart.  There is no doubt that we are the industry leaders in delivering quality macadamia nuts.

The new generation millennial consumer wants to know exactly what he is eating and where it comes from. More natural, less processed is the key to grow your brand in the future. Lowveld Nut Processing will fit particularly well into this market trend, since our product is 100% natural and unprocessed by its very definition. We only receive raw materials from our own member farmers where we have full control on every aspect of production. All our farmers operate strictly under good agricultural practices, and most are Global GAP accredited or in the process of becoming accredited.


Golden Macadamias expansion project broke ground on the 25th of August 2020.
The site of the new factory which is adjacent to the old facility is over 21,000 m3 with the height of the tallest building measuring over 26 meters.

To put the magnitude of the new project into perspective the earthworks consisted of moving and re-engineering 66,000 m3 of soil. This is the equivalent of filling 27 Olympic sized swimming pools. The building has used nearly 800 tonnes of reinforced structural steel which equates to 500 km of steel bars. The project will pour nearly 12,300 m3 of concrete and lay 1.7 million bricks which if placed side by side would stretch from Nelspruit to Johannesburg.

The design has also incorporated a ‘Green’ approach to process design to ensure the carbon footprint of the factory is as low as possible. The new facility will truly be the first environmentally friendly macadamia processing facility in the world. The electricity supply for the new facility will be generated by a combination of green alternative energy systems fuelled by the shells which are produced during the cracking process. The goal is to become self-sufficient in generating electricity and become the first carbon neutral macadamia processing facility in the world.

“There is no doubt that we are the industry leaders in delivering quality macadamia nuts”