Omega 7

It’s all about the oil!


Macadamia Nuts are a complete package of healthy nutrients, but it is its unique oil that has recently elevated Macadamias into an absolute Super-Food. Macadamia oils’ fatty acid profile is unparalleled, with the highest MUFA content of all oils, including olive oil. In addition to this, it is one of the only sources of natural Omega 7. Omega 7, or Palmitoleic Acid, has got the nutritional world buzzing. Preliminary research is showing that Omega 7 has amazing health benefits:


Omega 7 signals the body to stop storing fat, Omega 7 prevents insulin imbalances, Omega 7 reduce the amount of bad cholesterol, Omega 7 has a soothing and smoothing effect on the body’s sensitive internal linings, Omega 7 provides key building blocks for skin, hair and nails

Although these benefits have largely been proven, the exact working mechanism of Omega 7 is still not fully understood. For this reason experts are not recommending supplemented Omega 7, but rather the natural alternative, of which the best source is Omega-7-rich macadamia nuts.


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