“Being a farmer means shaking hands with nature”

Our Growers

As the owners of Golden Macadamias, our growers are the heartbeat of the company. The combination of fertile soils, the ideal climate and professional on farm practices has resulted in the perfect macadamia nut. Our growers focus on innovation and integrated pest management has resulted in an unsound average of less than 3 times the industry average. Sharing the same values and vision as well as having a long-term vested interest in the industry, their communities, and the environment has set our growers apart.

The result of our grower’s professionalism and on-farm practices can literally be tasted in our macadamia nuts.


“Sustainable Processes for a better planet (and Macadamia Nut)”

At Golden Macadamias we see the spectacular beauty of nature around us every day. Situated in close proximity to the Kruger National Park, we are naturally passionate about the environment and wildlife preservation. Golden Macadamias is of firm believe that working with the environment is a key to long term sustainable production. Golden Macadamias also serves as a lifeline for the rural communities in South Africa and plays a big role in the social economic upliftment of these communities. Our facility and our growers employ, upskill, educate, and ultimately provide an income for thousands of unskilled workers and their families.

Golden Macadamias believes that more natural, less processed, environmentally friendly products are key to growing our brand.

Become part of the Golden Family

If you would like to join the Golden family as one of our valued Growers. Please contact our Grower Services Department:  growerliaison@lowveldnpc.com

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